1. we got outside today.

  2. makin’ pals with pigs

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    Sun Club - Cheeba Swiftkick


    Autocorrect keeps changing the tag to ‘swiftkickdad’ what even is a swiftkickdad

  5. The co-founders of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata


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  6. When you’ve got friends as good as mine, it’s hard not to doodle about them

  7. My bike has a fan club yooo

  8. call-me-mogo:

    Edward Hopper Nigel Van Wieck

    Yass lovin that midnight on a Tuesday DC metro vibe

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  9. daddiemennis:

    I kind of want to do this as An Actual Thing That I Wear


  10. today i deeply thankful for the people i know who will call me up in the middle of the day to hang out because it’s nice outside and you’ve been gone for months and even though i only have an hour between classes you’ll still drive me around .

    I sincerely hope each of you have the kind of pals that make you feel like gold without even doing anything special


  11. American Football Reunite: Playing Fall Shows





    The #emorevival is over. American Football have officially reunited for a few shows this coming fall. It’s not year clear if more will be announced, but check out the dates below and mark your calendars! 

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    oh my god oh my god oh my god


    Single tear


  12. :’(

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  13. Priorities with Jake

  14. junxyard:

    The first 3 pages of Belleville Story by Vincent Perriot

    this looks like a crossover between constantine and adele blanc-sec (drool)

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