1. I was in the car with my mum last night while visiting when my sister called to ask how to cook chicken. Hilary moved to Philly a couple of weeks ago, into her first real house, and it was so odd and kind of sweet to think of her, being the oldest and most responsible, but still figuring out how to make dinner from scratch. All through college she was a top RA taking care of people but I think now that she has her own space she’s still getting used to doing things only for herself. Also I guess after years of dining halls, it’s an adjustment to start cooking for yourself. Anyways it was kinda funny to give her tips about stuff, even if it was just how to bake chicken.


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    Yo La Tengo - Fourth Time Around (Bob Dylan Cover)

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  6. first i was all “i oughta stop having fun and get back to schoolwork” and then i was all “wait wait this IS schoolwork” then i was like yeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    this short poem of mine was adapted to a choir performance and it’s really really beautiful !!!

    i wana cry with u 
    but we cant 

    because if we were together we 
    wouldn’t be sad

    composition by Michael Park, text by Steve Roggenbuck | conducted by Hussein Janmohamed | performance by Cor Flammae.

    this was performed at Cor Flammae’s debut concert with Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver, July 24th, 2014.

  8. aw this looks like something katschneids might make

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  9. and here we are

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    I drew Princess Bubblegum as a JHU grad student for Zack Smith’s Adventure Time sketchbook at SPX.

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  12. tried to not take any photos from our hike bc I am about that ~fully ephemeral experience~ but gosh it was a beautiful day

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    cool comic by playgroundpark

    hey Steve thank you :)

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  14. Look at this frickin beautiful photo of sweet baby d standing in a lush field in the golden mid afternoon light. this is where we LIVE

    this insanely gorgeous planet!

    We are all alive at the same time right now!!

  15. Headed to PPatapapapscapso state park today