1. a song to sing over one another

  2. betype:

    The Calligraphy Post.

    A few days ago I bought a course "Introduction of the Art of Modern Calligraphy" by Molly Jacques, which you should definitely check, and I fell in love with calligraphy.

    Now I find this useful infographic with the basics of calligraphy, including tools. In case you want to try your skills you should try to do those exercise. 

    In both cases, (the classes from molly and this infographic) they ask you simple tools to begining your training:


    In case you’re most an analog vintage retro-old guy, and you prefer to read a real book that stuck your nose in a monitor these are cool option for calligraphy beginners (the last to images):

    Here are the last useful links:

    In case you’re lazy or calligraphy simple isn’t your thing download the font (used on this post): http://myfonts.us/8eK7dW

    The Class of Molly Jacques: http://skl.sh/1bWpr9p

    Source of the infographic: us.moo.com

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  3. hammer city home coming

  4. I am here because it’s home.

  5. passing through an old haunt, had to put up a few for old times’ sake

  7. 8 hours down, 13 to go. Hello darkness my old friend…

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    Silly Symphonies- King Neptune (1932)

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    A big ol mess

    girl you got it going on

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    "On Trails"

    Brush, ink, and gouache on post-it notes.

    Hello dear readers,

    I’m putting together a bunch of tiny comics for SPX with my girlfriend. Some autobio, fiction, fan fiction, collage, etc.  I’ll post more information and comics soon. I’m working on some exciting long projects which I hope to announce soon, too.

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  13. Veronica and I went hiking, swimming, and picnicking in the Patapsco valley yesterday. We hit Ellicott City afterwards and ran into a couple friends, which led to some completely serendipitous adventures.
    It was most definitely the best day off, and only real Summer-y feeling day I’ve had since last semester ended


  14. i’ve listened to this so many times i think i’ve lifted off the ground

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    These are a few of my favorite things.