1. zazzle-poetry:

    buy here

    please please oh my stars will someone buy this for me!!

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  2. last night we sat on the floor and played loops for a while


  4. Also I just found out that my other siblings were planning on taking our one brother camping for his birthday this weekend so I’m hiking in Shenandoah valley two weeks in a row


  5. This whole town is a head trip. Every time I come for a show I meet more people, and more people recognize me, and I’m more comfortable with that whole experience.
    I don’t think I’ve ever gone so hard in the pit before, everything in my body is ringing right now.
    Gonna sleep for a year then make some comics. Later nerds


  6. "hurry wounds a questioning soul."
    — sarah bessey

  7. weedkinz said: You're from Annapolis too????!!!!

    Hah hey dude yes I live and work downtown/Eastport. If you see a bike with a red crate and blue spokes that’s me. Where is you? And I got my hollow brush at art things but I’d recommend buying a Sakura travel set off dickblick. Brush comes with it, super worth the price…that thing is my ride or die. See you around maybe!

  8. from our Shenandoah trip 😊😛

  9. sure I could sit down and scan these or take high quality photos to make them look decent but who has that kind of time I’ve got bagels to eat !

  10. i’ve found my niche as Annapolis’ resident idiot-on-a-bicycle. Just don’t tell my mum I ride without a helmet.


  11. Forgot what it felt like, lips raw from kisses

  12. feet keep on running, a new light is coming our way
    hands turn to pockets, the greens and the blues turn to browns and greys
    leaves are falling all around, our feet can barely touch the ground
    feet keep on tapping, new rhythms we’re clapping today
    so sweep out your driveway and hope that a new life comes your way

  13. shenandoadventure 2k14

  14. cheers, my doves!

  15. cloud shadows